IVR| Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), by definition, is a technology that enables interaction between a caller and a computer program through voice command of user or DTMF Response capturing (commonly known as key press) or combination of two. Popularly IVR System is used to provide information on call from a predefined menu which user can browse by choosing the various options.

IVRS primarily captures user information and interest from his navigation on the call and provides insight to the principal for better business intelligence and decision making. The complexity of IVRS ranges from a single input capture to a complex environment where user journey is multilevel with different choices.

Cosmic Information & Technology has developed some of the most complex and detailed IVRS platforms for top brands to serve their consumers in a meaningful way.

Types of IVRS

Single Layer IVRS

Single-Layer IVRS

The quickest and simplest IVRS which captures user choice with a single level interaction and input capturing. As the name suggest, it has only single layer of interaction for capturing user choice/preference in no time.

Multi Layer IVRS

Multi-Layer IVRS

IVR withing IVR is multi-layer system where user gets multilevel navigation to pinpoint the choice to get the information. The entire workflow and information can be divided in multi layers and made available to caller to browse with voice command or DTMF response capturing.

The Extra Mile You Achieve with Us

Crystal Clear IVRS Voice

Crystal Clear Voice

The high definition voice channels giving exceptionally well voice quality and uninterrupted call connect performance for higher listenership. The high bandwidth makes calls free from noise, echo, jitter or any other disturbance.

Quick Call Connectivity of IVRS

Quick Call Connect

Be it a missed call to call back or in-bound call, the large telecom infra gives “Queue Free” and “No Wait” experience to the callers resulting in high call connect ratio.

Intelligency of IVRS

The Intelligence

Hyper local targeting by identifying location of the caller and initiating the conversation in local language. Further, collecting user information and navigation path for continues improvement in the system.

IVRS Solutions

The Consultancy

Inputs from industry’s most experienced team of IVRS solution design makes your IVRS customer friendly, attribute rich, and most efficient to resulting in better RoI.

live Reporting

Live Reporting

Live Reports with Big Data supported smart MIS Reporting system to give real time access of caller’s journey to brand for further engagement and business intelligence.


Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Design a virtual assistant to make services available all the time.

Conducting Contests

Design next-gen voice contests for product promotion & user engagement.

Large Scale Consumer Connect Campaigns

Connect with masses in shortest possible time for awareness creation, product promotion & surveys & feedback.

Shortest Turnaround Time

Real time confirmation for product Shortest Turnaround Time delivery, identity verification, entry confirmation & lot more.

Conducting Virtual Training Sessions

Make a smart class room with customized training sessions supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Lead Generation & Qualification

Generate leads by providing product details and getting opt-ins for further interaction.

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