Mirinda Pagalpanti Solution

About the Campaign

Exam time is pressure time, not just for the students but the entire family. This exam season, some brands are addressing this serious issue through their campaigns. Mirinda, the orange-flavoured beverage from PepsiCo, lent its voice to the cause that matters to Indian teenagers. Frayed nerves and tension take center stage in the daily lives of teenagers during exam time.

The campaign, launched across the country, is all about engaging TG by inviting ideas of "Pagalpanti – the madness" they can think of! As the brand tag line is "Pagalpanti Jaroori hai"; the campaign invited "Pagalpanti Ideas" – the crazy ideas.

As the TG is youth, the communication channels were WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS.

Campaign’s Objective

The campaign’s objective was connecting audience with brand over mobile and social media by driving campaign around the brand tag line "Pagalpanti Bhi Jaruri Hai”.

CIL’s Solution

According to campaign requirement, CIL designed first even branding campaign combining WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS.

CIL was responsible to execute entire solution which included WhatsApp platform set up and SMS response integration on the same 10 digit number, facebook application development, including referral element to make the campaign viral, and integrating responses coming from all the channels to one single dashboard so that brand can view the responses coming through all the channels.

The end to end solution hosting ownership of CIL made the campaign cake walk for the brand and received mammoth response from all the channels.

Campaign Highlights

  • •   WhatsApp communication channel.
  • •   Facebook Application with referral element.
  • •   Integrating WhatsApp and SMS on same 10 digit mobile number.
  • •   Capturing response from all three channels and showing on single dashboard with participants details and channel of participation.
  • •   CIL's End to end campaign ownership including solution hosting, technical implementation, Facebook app design, WhatsApp platform set up, SMS communication channel set up.


  1.    The ideas shared by consumers through the channels were used for the TVC by brand.
  2.    Received over 1 Million entries combining stories, videos, audios, and texts.
  3.    CIL combined two most popular communication channels – Facebook & WhatsApp in addition to traditional channel SMS.
  4.    Facebook Application, designed by CIL, providing easy and user-friendly interface to provide Pagalpanti Ideas.
  5.    Introducing Referral element in Facebook Application by which user can refer the contest and invite Facebook friends to participate.