Alexa Skills

Let Your Brand Speak through Alexa

The future holds Voice-enabled technology. Brands can target an extensive base of customers with Alexa skills. With voice-enabled platforms, users get influenced and gain interest for the brand. CIL has developed Alexa skills and voice-enabled solutions for brands that helped in increasing their efficiency and productivity. Alexa provides a set of integrated capabilities, referred to as skills. Brands are building creative Alexa skills to enable or optimize a process. Users can access new abilities by asking Alexa questions or making requests.

Features of Amazon Skill Development


Build various solutions for your brand or business or home

Skills Intents

Alexa skills can meet any type of intent you can think of


Alexa offers impressive eCommerce Experiences that work on customers Voice Commands

Voice Commands

Control smart devices in your business with your own voice commands


Welcome Voice games through Alexa as games are loved by users


Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by developing product specific Alexa skill for your brand


Deliver accessible functionality of your brand to your end users


Show your customers that you are innovating by developing Alexa Skill that supports your brand

Our Alexa Skill Capabilities

Custom skill development

Custom Skill Development

Get engaging voice experiences with custom-built Alexa interaction models through our Alexa Skill Development experts.

Alexa Skill Integration

Alexa Skill Integration

We integrate Smart phones, 3D Holograms with Alexa-controlled devices to use Alexa Voice Services, which can result in enhanced customer engagement.

Alexa Capabilities
Alexa Skill Testing

Alexa Skill Testing

CIL ensures a hassle-free and error-free development of Alexa skills with the testing of skill functionality, conversations and advanced responses.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Our Alexa skill developers have in-depth knowledge of voice assistant skills and programming languages.

Benefits of Alexa-Hosted Skills

Regardless of industry or User demographics, brands should soon start experimenting with voice because people are going to expect it in the near future. As Alexa Skills are so new to the market, Brands have a world of countless possibilities in front of them. CIL can perform end-to-end Alexa Skill development quickly. We focus to offer the right help at the right time through Alexa to the users. Through Alexa, brand can provide suitable data to user that feels like a real conversation not like any old customer service phone call.

As per the statistics, more than 50% of millennials prefer using voice commands to interact with their smart phone or smart devices. However, people that represent post-millennial generation progressively use voice as their primary form of interaction. Today’s workplaces are already accommodating millennials and post-millennial generation is expected to join them obliging the importance of Voice commands in a progressive business environment. Our developers can build and publish skills for Alexa using the Alexa Skills Kit.

Alexa Skill Development

The Extra Mile You Achieve With Us

Alexa Skill Functions

Our team at CIL develops voice solutions based on comprehensive analysis of client or brand needs. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI), to provide supervisory recommendations for clients. We collect data from relevant industry markets in compatibility with ongoing improvement. With our expertise in Alexa Skill development, we can guide you through all the steps of the lifecycle of your Skill. Whether you are interested in ideation, formation, communication design, development, certification or hosting, our expert Alexa skills developers can help you achieve your goals.