Digital Signage for IBM at Airports

About the Campaign

Delhi International Airport (P) Limited (DIAL) has partnered with IBM (NYSE: IBM) India to establish a common-use infrastructure in New Delhi's Passenger Terminal Building 3 that will automate its operations and improve customer satisfaction to give the airport a competitive edge through quality service. The unified network solution integrates all of the communications across Terminal 3 and its facilities so that airport operations, airlines and other tenants can better share and exchange key information across their related operations to more efficiently deploy their resources and meet the growing demands of the India aviation market.

DIAL chose IBM's Managed Network Infrastructure (MNI) solution, which forms backbone for all the IT and non-IT systems in Terminal 3. It combines video, voice and data over a single network platform using Intelligent Cable Management System with high levels of redundancy and scalability. IBM designed and implemented this network to meet DIAL's objective of achieving a world class common use IT infrastructure for its customers, thereby supporting and improving service quality levels due to its high available design.

Campaign’s Objective

Through this campaign, DIAL and IBM wanted to create customer engagement experiences by connecting networks of digital signs, kiosks, mobile devices etc.

CIL’s Solution

CIL provided platform for DIAL and connect with IBM to easily create and centrally manage deployment of these digital experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and customer preferences in real time.

CIL created first ever mobile controlled Digital Signage that could be reformed in to an interactive kiosk by any mobile phone. It became a helpful feature for queue management, maximum user time allocation and provided zero cost interaction for users and graphical content representation.


  • •   First ever campaign where commuters on Airport can control the LED Display Screens on Airport and interact with it.
  • •   Received massive response across the most premium OOH media locations.
  • •   This was the first ever campaign that combined mobile phone and digital signage where no mobile application or internet was required. It also provided real time details tracking of the users and data analytics for content browsed.